Kicking off a ride out to visit Cece Mcdonald in St. Cloud. When we got to the prison, we were met with SWAT teams at every entrance. Imagine that, prison officials are terrified of solidarity. Wonder why?  Check out for more info.


Kicking off a ride out to visit Cece Mcdonald in St. Cloud. When we got to the prison, we were met with SWAT teams at every entrance. Imagine that, prison officials are terrified of solidarity. Wonder why?

Check out for more info.


this has been buggin me
also -same goes for what my genitals are. its not “what i think i am” or “what i think they are” its what i fucking am and what they fucking are


this has been buggin me

also -same goes for what my genitals are. its not “what i think i am” or “what i think they are” its what i fucking am and what they fucking are

hey. remember the post where we mentioned we were tearing posters down? there are still more posters like them sometimes and yeah, the posters are getting “better.” by better i mean they’re not flagged as problematic nearly as quickly to riley.

the first three posters, from this post, made me like, “no.” the second three made me less immediately like “no” because okay, if you’re a victim of domestic violence in such a way that you don’t want to be, that’s bad; although if you want to be a victim, that’s cool too. Anyway, if it is unwanted men do matter too about being protected, and the idea that “all men are rapists” or other nuanced variations like “only men are rapists” (which the poster did not directly state, but i was guessing it might have been trying to say??????) is a problem.

above are their newest posters, although the second two images were found merged, with “A Voice for Men” posted over the “Daddy why don’t I have any rights?” poster, which had its bottom cut off.

When i saw the newest posters i wondered, “Why are they testing for paternity anyway?” Is it because they want to be sure they’re the biological father because otherwise they won’t want anything to do with the child? I’m not saying everyone’s this way, but that’s how my dad was. Is it intended to be shaming? Or? I guess i kind of don’t understand why this statistic is put on the poster.

Also, i was wondering—- what percent of men make/made up industrial work in the first place, so is it any wonder 94% of the deaths occur to them? Same for # that would actually be put in (ie. allowed in) combat situations?

And why should fatherless homes matter? If it’s because “multiple parents earn more money” or have more resources or whatever, why does it have to be fathers that have to be there? So, the “75% of all adolescents in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes” statistic seems pretty irrelevant to men’s rights. Same for the 85% statistic about behavioral disorders, 71% statistic about high school drop outs, 63% stat about youth suicides, 90% of homeless children, and 85% prison youth (which actually seems to include ALL youth, not gender-specific, so idk how this is a men’s rights issue, but if they want to be concerned with it, okay). I’m guessing the only reason “fatherless homes” matters is they’re promoting the idea that nuclear families are the ideal, based on their image of the three figures on the “Daddy why don’t I have any right’s?” poster, and that they seem to treat divorce (or being separated from?????)  as if it is a negative thing?

And for the 60% funding, it’s not like men (in the cissexist way, which i’m guessing they’re meaning) don’t get breast cancer also, so breast cancer research can benefit everyone really. Although, yeah, they should do more prostate cancer research.

And I am wondering, are these suicides completed, suicides attempted, or? I kind of don’t like how suicide, high school drop out, chemical abuse, and homeless statistics are included. It seems to be shaming the acts, as if they are bad things; maybe some of them wanted to do these things and were happy about their choices. I actually thought, a better statistic might be “men who have been shamed regarding suicide,” instead of ones who actually committed it, because yeah okay, give me notes saying i am bad for saying everyone can do what they want with their bodies and i am being a bad friend or human being or whatever, but if you really want to say you believe in autonomy maybe it includes suicide too.

I think that it would be helpful to say WHY only 10% of fathers receive primary custody of their children, like how many cases was it due to sexism, as opposed to other reasons? Cuz, i don’t mean to treat it like my personal experiences are everything (although my point actually supports the posters, so idk why i’m making these side marks), but yeah, the courts were pretty sexist to my dad, regarding custody. My mom was abusive, but the courts said women would never hit their children and they were by nature loving and whatever, but yeah. Maybe not all father-not-receiving-the-child custody cases involve sexism.

Also, men can rape men, and men can cause other men to be victims of domestic violence, ETC. It might help if the posters mentioned that, and advocated stopping unwanted acts of violence, rape, etc for ALL. Oh, and when they say “all” men on the statistics do they really mean “all” men or are they only examining a certain area? Are any places skewing the data, and what are the rates per given area? Where are these stats coming from, who participated in the study, what about unreported cases, is this assuming unreported cases, etc? I really don’t trust listed stats.

SO YEAH. If you want to criticize me for tearing them down, keep doing so, but i have my reasons.  Even if the newer posters are better, they still make me like “no” and they are STILL HANGING THE ORIGINAL THREE POSTERS about “men are oppressed by women,” etc. which makes me like, “Yeah, if you still harbor those ideas, i can only imagine how those play into your other posters.” And okay, when you consider intersectionality, their old posters have more to say, but really? They never seemed to acknowledge intersectionality, so i am guessing they are saying at a large scale level all women oppress all men? No.  P.s. Where is everyone else? Why just men and women? 

Also, these posters were found around campus by Riley and Jase, and Jase took these pictures. Comments added to the men’s rights posters are particularly popular around Palo Verde, and a new poster popped up, apparently in response to them; it is the final picture in this set. Responses like these are encouraging, so these kinds of posters have been staying. Also, there was once a poster with a pro-domme message and business card attached, but no photograph was taken

Anonymous said: 'i’m personally tearing them down' Wow, seriously? I would've considered myself to some degree a feminist before encountering people like you on tumblr. For years I've been militantly pro-choice and pro-gay rights despite being both heterosexual and sterilised / child free. If you only support free speech when people are saying things you agree with, you're not supporting free speech at all. You're a disgrace and a moron.

Woah, sounds like you had some incredible, strong feminist convictions.  Also, unfortunately, they are still free to post more vile posters, and they retain their freedom of speech.  Basically, what you said makes no sense and sounds like bait.

List of gender neutral restrooms on the Tempe, Downtown, Polytechnic, and West campuses of Arizona State University

Excitement =D

After sooooooo many calls to ASU’s public records, plumbing, blue print, everyone everyone, idk the list goes on, Riley received a pdf list of all of the gender neutral restrooms on the Downtown, Tempe, Polytechnic, and West campuses. Print it out, pass it out.

Help credit goes out to everyone who was called and who helped. The one who sent the final email was Jodi Preudhomme. Also, Suzanne Copeland was involved. Idk any other names specifically at the moment.

While it is disappointing that it’s only a list format and does not have specifics (i.e. which restrooms’ locks don’t work, or other restroom conditions), or how to get to the restrooms within the building it is still something. I think they mentioned they removed restrooms that require Sun Cards/residence off the list because they only included public restrooms? I’m not sure on that, though. I have not checked.

I think it would be interesting to keep continuing this, though, with locations on a map marked, and with other important details, and possibly copied and pasted on trans squat or something. But yeah, enjoy.

these messages have been going around asu’s tempe campus, especially around the pillars. Riley was like, “Tear them down!” and did, and was then accused of infringing upon others’ free speech. Mm, hmm. i think before i would have said, “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, let them say what they want.” Yeah, not like that anymore. All, do what these messages what you will, if you find them around campus, but i’m personally tearing them down