tigers walk behind me: Radical Perspectives on Sex // CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS


So I’m trying to put together a publication on radical perspectives on sex/porn/sex work/kink that goes beyond the basic sex-posi feel-goodness, isn’t just a glossary, examines things from a variety of radical angles.

E.g., i’m co-writing a piece on the place of porn & kink “before and after the…

Exactly what I’ve been wondering if anyone else was thinking for like ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kicking off a ride out to visit Cece Mcdonald in St. Cloud. When we got to the prison, we were met with SWAT teams at every entrance. Imagine that, prison officials are terrified of solidarity. Wonder why?  Check out freecece.wordpress.com for more info.


Kicking off a ride out to visit Cece Mcdonald in St. Cloud. When we got to the prison, we were met with SWAT teams at every entrance. Imagine that, prison officials are terrified of solidarity. Wonder why?

Check out freecece.wordpress.com for more info.


if thin people can be transfat, then i can be transsexy. 

ever since i was very little, i’ve felt like an extremely hot chick trapped inside a mediocre girl’s body. 

omg lol

"Trans* and other labels"- therian, otherkin, transspecies, transethnic, transable, transage, transfat

Basic transcript-

So, I’m on fetlife and I noticed someone made a status similar to, “I bought a puppy today (bio).”

It reminded me of the trans* movement, how “bio” seemed at one point more acceptable. Now it’s like, “No! Cis. What does it mean to be biologically ____?”

I wondered how to refer to those who aren’t part of therian and otherkin communities exactly, but are? If that makes any sense. So like how do you refer to cis equivalents of a therian or otherkin community? Like are there cis-puppies, and how would you know that they’re cis? And what implications does creating such distinctions create?

I tried looking for all of this online but could not really find any answers. But I did find words like transspecies (and critiques on it), transethnic, transable, transage, and transfat. Some of the critiques on transspecies were that, “But I can’t even transition to the species I want anyway, so why call myself transspecies?” It made me think about medicine’s role in the label trans*. And how some think it takes hormones or surgeries or whatever to be the defining point of transition.

Reading all of the different variations of trans* made me worry about how trans* (that I know of) usually only umbrellas gender, and wonder in what way does it having greater awareness (hesitant to say “visibility”??) almost seem to oppress other trans* groups (i.e. the above list)?

This seems to argue transethnic, transable, and transfat are appropriative and I thought it was interesting, especially the last bit about, “But what does it mean to be of a certain ethnicity?” in which case I’m like, “But what does it mean to be a certain anything, and if that approach is taken are all label identities invalidated?”

Part two, re: counseling

Remember the Action Plan i mentioned earlier?

During our follow-up appointment they said, “We know that you made an action plan.” I said, “I didn’t make it.” They were like, “Oh? Do you usually have forgetfulness problems? Has this happened in the past?” I was like, “NO, I DIDN’T MAKE IT, and i didn’t sign it because i said i did not agree to it then. I don’t know what it’s doing in my file.”

They continued, “Do you feel suicidal?” I shook my head. They said, “You have to answer verbally, or your answer won’t count. Now. Do you feel suicidal?” I shook my head again.

I felt too upset to speak aloud, after the Action Plan thing, how they were treating it like i was a liar or forgetful, and how “out loud” words meant more, and how, in the waiting room they called me by my legal name when they knew my preferred name was riley and, about one second later, said, “Hi, i’m _____. What’s your name?” Fuck no!!!!!!!!!! Lately i have felt very much pressure to stay riley. Some of my friendships hinge on me being riley. When people find out my legal name, sometimes they have reacted, “You liar! You lied to me the entire time. How could you??????” I worry, if people found out riley is not my legal name they would leave me. Some of them, also, are religious and because of that or some other reason they are transphobic and you know what, you can say why don’t you just leave them? But if i did maybe i would have no one, or extremely less friends.

They said, “We need you to answer this out loud. Are you suicidal?” I shook my head. I worried i would hate the sound of my voice, and felt dysphoric, the way my shirt clung to me on the spiderweb chair—— their chair was very big, and round, and sunk in. I said, when i first entered the room, “This is what i imagine being small and trapped in a spiderweb would feel like.”

"Are you suicidal?"


"If you don’t cooperate you might as well leave. Our time here is done."

I left the room without saying anything.

Why ASU's counseling system is terrible
Them, my first year:We think you're not getting as much out of our counseling sessions because you're not paired with someone of your own gender. We were thinking of switching you to a female counselor. How would you feel about that?
Me then:dysphoriaaaaa
Then, I went counseling because I chose to after winter break. Now I'm being forced to go over a post I made on facebook that went:Stressed! School is too much to handle right now, and the extra activities that are going along with it #Possiblynotgraduatingontimefailuretoeveryonewhydontijustkillmyselfrightnow
Me now:Hey, I don't have time to be here right now. I'm doing like 24 credits, am interning, am a part time writing tutor, am president of two clubs, and am trying to keep a social life. It's too much. The reason I'm stressed is I have too much to do. You're taking away from my time to do these things, so you're only making me more stressed you know?
Them:You must see us right now, and tomorrow
Me:I'm going with my club genderWHAT?! to an academic conference in California tomorrow. I can only meet you super early in the morning
Them:That's fine
Me:Maybe for you, but not for me. Thursdays are the few days I get to sleep in, if I can at all, if I don't have a Thursday test/hw to cram for. Tomorrow is a REALLY bad day. I'll be gone till Sunday. Can we do Monday?
Them:Mmmmm. We can't trust you to stay alive until then
Me:Trust me, I won't kill myself during the weekend. I have a group to lead, and I can't let things go wrong for them. There is no way I will kill myself before this thing happens
Them:No, tomorrow at 8
Me:Expect me late or not at all. My dad takes forever to wake up, and to take me to the light rail. The light rail takes forever. It takes me forever to walk, with two huge backpacks I need for all my lab books and other heavy things, and tomorrow I will need to be carrying my California things. I can never wake up for my alarm anymore
Them:If you're not here by 8 AM tomorrow we are going to call the cops and they will show up at your house
Me:You're only making me more stressed and are CAUSING me to feel suicidal. My family would NEVER allow cops into the house, they would be so mad at me for ever even staying for a counseling session. They say only "crazy" people go to counseling, and would disown me. I need them for support, or I couldn't try to take on as much as I am right now
Them:Show up here, or we'll call the cops. Now, let's make an ACTION PLAN to keep you safe until then
Me:I really don't need an action plan
Them:What keeps you calm?
Me:(nothing you would approve of and would only force me to stay in counseling longer, so I'm not telling you) Nothing
Them:There has to be something
Me:(safest seeming answer possible) Maaaaybe, climbing to the stairs to tops of buildings and staring down for movement
Them:That's unacceptable. Do you know why?
Me:(I can guess why you'd think so) No
Them:You might jump off the building
Me:(so many things can become dangerous) Oh. Then I guess nothing calms me
Them:Looking at cats?
Me:That makes me fall asleep and I have too much to do to fall asleep
Them:There has to be something. Tea?
Me:I use that for all nighters to keep me awake
Me:I try to make my writing perfect, so it's actually stressful to write
Them:So you journal then?
Them:We're going to write that as your calming activity
Them:We're going to put it down anyway, okay?
Them:And, who could you talk to if you plan to kill yourself?
Me:(no one who would want to listen or sympathize) No one
Them:We're going to write down EMPACT. Is that okay? Would you call them?
Them:Why not?
Me:I've heard bad things about suicide hotlines, and if I'm really suicidal I would just do it. I wouldn't try to get someone to talk me out of it, or maybe I'm not as suicidal as I thought I was, because for me personally it's all or nothing
Them:We're writing EMPACT anyway. Could you sign here that this is your action plan--- that you will do these things if you're feeling suicidal?
Them:Why not?
Me:You totally put words in my mouth. I NEVER said writing calmed me, and I'm not going to call EMPACT
Ughhhhhhh, and you know what really annoys me? I mentioned my dad was like, "My little Harvard graduate! Going to medical school!" and me being like, "Dad, never getting into that, let alone any med school right now. I only volunteered at a hospital for like, six months and got fired at that. Haven't done any research in a lab, haven't joined a science club, got a C in genetics, my o chem grades aren't in yet, and neither are a whole year's worth of science grades. There's too much going against me. People look at my resume and say, 'Oh! You're an english person!' because those things dominate it. I'm applying to english grad schools." The counselor was like, "I'm so glad you're taking control of your own life, and not letting anyone else get in your way! That's very important, you know"
How ironic, they're telling me to be "in control" yet commanding I come to counseling at 8 am or some dire consequences will happen, and, not that I am suicidal, but they're telling me I can't even have the control to commit suicide/be suicidal/etc????????? YEAH, sounds like they approve of being "in control" of your own life alright.
And something else, after I mentioned being president of genderWHAT?! they were like, "Oh, what sexual orientation are you again?" and started checking my sign-in forms and I was like, "NO! No, nothing to do with each other. Just because I am probably-interested in gender does not mean my 'sexual orientation' is notable! NO!"
I think [Christians in America] have confused not being able to pray everywhere with not being able to pray anywhere, and I think they’ve confused the loss of absolute power with persecution.

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